• Centurion H2M Offshore Accommodation
  • 15/01/2024


The motto of H2M Offshore Accommodations is to provide high quality, comfortable, lightweight accommodation-, work space modules and Temporary Living Quarters (TLQ’s).

Ever since the announcement of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) came into place, that all ABS-certified vessels, platforms and jackups need to install only ABS-certified TLQ. We made an initiative to meet not only ABS standards but also United States Coast Guard (USCG) standards without compromising our motto.

First and foremost, our lightweight idea was discussed with officials at the ABS headquarters in Houston. After this discussion, we found suitable subcontractors and suppliers who could bring our idea to reality. Most notably, our module design was periodically reviewed by ABS engineers (structural, fire safety, plumbing, electrical).

On 1st Feb, ABS issued a Product Design Assessment stating that H2M modules comply with ABS standards in safe zone condition. This certificate implies that our modules are carefully designed to ensure safety, quality and comfort.

Based on the client’s need, we can deliver several design such as:

• 2 men sleepers,
• 4 men sleepers,
• 8 men sleepers,
• Locker-locker,
• Recreation-office,
• Office-office,
• Office-meeting,
• Locker-recreation,
• Locker-office modules.

Our modules weigh 35% less than comparable modules and typically designed to install on seagoing vessels and offshore structures. They can be stacked up to two high on supply vessels and self elevating units. For fixed platforms, they can be stacked up to three high without any hassle.

Once again we would to thank all the subcontractors, suppliers and ABS officials who made this happen.

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