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Serving Multiple

As a proud Centurion company, deliver best-in-class lightweight accommdoation solutions for our customers across the critical industries.

H2M Offshore Accommodation modules are specially designed to provide lightweight, comfortable, and safe accommodation for the renewable energy, marine and oil & gas industries.

Wind Renewable Energy

Our lightweight accommodation modules are an ideal solution for offshore wind operations, and are mostly positioned on-board of a jack-up, transformer / generator platforms, a barge or a vessel to provide extra room onboard during the commissioning phase of the projects.

Oil & Gas

Our lightweight accommodation modules are widely used in all major and minor maintenance stops (shutdowns) on board oil & gas production platforms and drilling rigs. Our lightweight accommodation modules are the perfect solution, even when space is at a premium or existing accommodation is being refurbished.


In the maritime sector, we provide our temporary lightweight accommodation on board different types of supply vessels / jack-ups / barges that serve several industries, including oil and gas, renewable wind energy, dredging, and more.